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Welcome to the Stephenson Group

Our group is interested in developing methodologies that harness the power of visible light to mediate reactions that are useful for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. We conduct photo- and electrochemical reactions in both batch and continuous flow manifolds with the goal of developing methods to access unique chemical space.

The Stephenson lab is dedicated to maintaining a climate of inclusivity, mutual respect, and understanding. We believe that diversity is the cornerstone of innovation as it allows people from distinct backgrounds to contribute their experiences to the chemical problem-solving process, whether it be an idea for a useful synthetic method or a novel way of disconnecting a natural product.

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Ethanol to butanol with Ru-N,N,N-Pincer complexes

Congratulations to our former postdoc Alex Davies and Szymczak lab graduate student Benjamin Farris on their recent mechanistic investigation on the Guerbet reaction using Ru-bpi complexes! Check it out online in ACS Catalysis.

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