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Welcome to the Stephenson Group at the University of Michigan. Our group is interested in developing methodologies that harness the power of visible light to mediate reactions that are useful for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. We conduct photo- and electrochemical reactions in both batch and continuous flow manifolds with the goal of developing methods to access unique chemical space.




Who needs metals? Our EDA team led by Ted reports a Minisci-like (fluoro)alkylation of arenes using a catalytic pairing of an acylated pyridine N-oxide acceptor and a naphthalene donor. Check it out now in ACS Catalysis!

Congratulations to Cheng and former group members Gabe, Markus, and Kim on their work describing reductive cleavage of lignin using N-phenyl phenothiazine. Read about it in Org. Lett!

First years join the group

We are excited to introduce our newest graduate students! Welcome Alan, Alex, and Bec!

Taylor defends her dissertation!

Dr. Taylor Sodano confidently rounds out the group's 2020 defense season on Zoom with her excellent presentation. Here's to a rewarding career at Janssen! We know you will kill it!

Kevin defends his dissertation!

Dr. Kevin Romero presents the group's first Zoom defense in masterful fashion! We wish you continued success at AbbVie and can't wait to see what you accomplish in your career!

Alex defends her Dissertation!

Congratulations to Dr. Alex Sun on an excellent PhD defense! We appreciate all that you've contributed to the group, and we are excited to see you continue to find innovative chemistry solutions at Merck!

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