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Welcome to the Stephenson Group at the University of Michigan.

Our group is interested in developing methodologies that harness the power of visible light to mediate reactions that are useful for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. We conduct photo- and electrochemical reactions in both batch and continuous flow manifolds with the goal of developing methods to access unique chemical space.

The Stephenson lab is dedicated to maintaining a climate of inclusivity, mutual respect, and understanding. We believe that diversity is the cornerstone of innovation as it allows people from distinct backgrounds to contribute their experiences to the chemical problem-solving process, whether it be an idea for a useful synthetic method or a novel way of disconnecting a natural product.

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Group News

Doctor Galliher!


Matt defends his dissertation on total synthesis of resveratrol oligomers! We wish you continued success in your career!

Farewell Sahil!


Dr. Sahil Arora concludes his postdoctoral research in our group as he moves to Rahway, NJ to start at Merck. Congratulations!

Safe travels, Jeong-Yu!


Dr. Son departs the lab for an exciting opportunity in chemical weapons defense in the Korean army! Be on the lookout for the exciting work he carried out in our group!

Welcome Travis!


1st year student Travis joins the group, so keep your eyes peeled for some total synthesis mastery!

Doctor Collins!

image0 (3)_edited.jpg

James defended an incredible thesis and now heads back West to get started at Pfizer in La Jolla. Congratulations James, we wish you all the best!

Bicyclopentane ring opening out in JACS!


Dig up your p-nitrobenzaldehyde! Our method for converting commercially available aminobicyclopentanes to [3.1.1] bicycles is out now. Congratualations to Alex, Taylor and Maddie! Read about it here.

Farewell Dr. McClain!


We bid adieu to Ted, who masterfully delivered a sorely missed in-person thesis defense. We wish you continued success at AbbVie!

James receives prestigious fellowship and industry internship!


Congrats to James for receiving the prestigious NIH F31 fellowship and for landing an internship at Merck this summer in Rahway, NJ! We are so proud of you!

High-throughput photochemical analysis on picomole scale


Congrats to alumna Dr. Alex Sun, Anthony, and to our collaborators in the Kennedy Lab here at Michigan chemistry on this exciting interdisciplinary work! Read more about their work using a
droplet microfluidics reactor for screening photochemistry reactions on picomole scale using ESI-MS, out now in Nature Communications.

Bec publishes coming out story in Science’s Working Life


Congrats to Bec for publishing their inspiring and impactful story of coming out as non-binary to our lab! We are so proud of you!

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