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Welcome to the Stephenson Group

Our group is interested in developing methodologies that harness the power of visible light to mediate reactions that are useful for the synthesis of biologically active molecules. We conduct photo- and electrochemical reactions in both batch and continuous flow manifolds with the goal of developing methods to access unique chemical space.

The Stephenson lab is dedicated to maintaining a climate of inclusivity, mutual respect, and understanding. We believe that diversity is the cornerstone of innovation as it allows people from distinct backgrounds to contribute their experiences to the chemical problem-solving process, whether it be an idea for a useful synthetic method or a novel way of disconnecting a natural product.

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Group News

Now out in Nature Chemistry!

NChem for website_edited.png

Congratulations to Efrey and his rotation mentees Cody (Schindler lab) and Bobby (Sanford lab) for their general approach to aminoarylation published recently in Nature Chemistry! The switch from S(VI) as demonstrated in our prior work published in Science to S(IV) enabled the mechanistic switch and incredibly general reaction scope.

Congratulations Dr. Yang!

Cheng defense.jpg

We recently bid farewell to Cheng after his incredibly productive dissertation studies. Cheng forged new ground for the group incorporating electroanalytical tools into our catalyst development portfolio. Keep an eye out for great things from Cheng in his new position as a postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Chris Chang.

A new chapter will begin at UBC in spectactular Vancouver in 2024


The Stephenson lab will be moving the University of British Columbia in the summer of 2024 with appointments in Chemistry, Biochemistry, and at BC Cancer. We will have open positions for new graduate students and postdoctoral fellows. Please feel free to reach out by email to stephenson 'at' about opportunities.

Cuneanes - a new benzene bioisostere!


Congratulations to former postdoc Jeong-Yu and Alex Harmata for their work on the conversion of cubanes to cuneanes mediated by Ag(I), and evaluation of the products as benzene bioisosteres and energetic materials. Awesome collaboration with the Ess and Paton labs, along with Dr. Jesse Sabatini and colleagues from the US Army. Check it out online now in JACS.

Designing new nitroxide HAT catalysts!


Congratulations to Cheng for putting together an outstanding review on the development of new nitroxide catalysts for hydrogen atom transfer. Check it out in Nature Reviews Chemistry.

A roadmap to understanding the mechanism of reactions induced by EDA complexes


Congratulations Alan for this new invited perspective article on understanding the mechanism of photochemical reactions of EDA complexes. Check it out now in Chem!

Dihydrobenzofuran formation by Bec and Travis in Angewandte!

ACIE TOC2_edited.jpg

Check out our latest work related to the biomimetic synthesis of resveratrol-derived natural products. Bec and Travis report the use of a persistent radical equilibrium to form a variety of dihydrobenzofurans. Now online in Angewandte.

Congratulations Dr. Allen!

Dr Allen_edited_edited.jpg

Anthony defended his thesis today in spectacular fashion. Congratulations on the outstanding work describing a variety of alkene functionalization chemistry predicated on deep mechanistic understanding. Best of luck with your new position at Oberlin College!

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