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Core values

As aspiring chemical professionals, we should be mindful of avoiding bias (both implicit and unconscious) based on race, gender, age, sexuality, religion, educational, or economic background, and take responsibility to act where possible to prevent misconduct or discrimination of any kind. Diversity comes in all forms and we celebrate these differences because they strengthen both our lab and our department. We believe it is vital to be leaders in the chemistry community AND our local communities. We strive to accomplish this by upholding the three pillars of innovation (Inclusivity, Inquiry, and Immersion)


  • Discuss lab mission with all new students.

  • Train all new members in anti-discriminatory practices and what won’t be tolerated within the lab.

  • Have a yearly update on our mission statement with the entire group so everyone is in agreement.

  • Allow for discussions when the climate is changing.

  • Adequate reporting system in the case something does happen.

  • Play a leadership role in the department to promote diversity.

  • Provide resources for assistance with challenges in climate and/or research progress.

  • Educate ourselves to recognize systemic discrimination and opportunities for anti-racism, anti-discriminatory action.


  • Weekly Research Updates where students present their research, which allows other members to contribute ideas to the project.

  • Weekly group meetings to discuss named reactions, literature articles, and practice mechanisms.

  • Mechanisms done in a mentor-based environment to develop team working skills, effective communication, and methods.

  • Attend conferences to learn how to present data and communicate your science.


  • Community outreach programs such as FEMMES and MMSS.

  • Summer/REU programs for underrepresented minorities.

  • Mentoring undergraduates within UM chemistry

Core Values: Welcome
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